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IMI House & Residency

The IMI House is a home for exceptional independent media creators to support each other Austin, Texas. We provide long-term and short-term residencies for creators to develop their next project and build a network of like-minded allies.

The Start of Something New

The IMI House is a proof-of-concept residency program in Austin, Texas that supports exceptional independent media creators. The IMI House launched in September 2023 with three year-long residents and a slate of short-term residents who stay anywhere between a weekend and a month. With regular events and a weekly podcast, the IMI House provides a creative retreat and a common meeting space to foster unexpected collaborations and exchange ideas.

One of the best things about independent media is that it allows anyone to share stories and connect with others from anywhere. Many creators work for years out of their bedroom, closet, or garage. While this allows beautiful, hyper-local, and diverse voices to be heard, it can also be a very lonely experience for creators. This is especially true for exceptional creators who are trying to do things differently, and don’t want to play by the rules of the “creator economy.” People need a place to go where they have the space, time, and support to build projects when their bedroom just isn’t cutting it anymore.

The IMI House supports creators at all career stages and across media forms. Creators at the IMI House are united by a shared passion for their work and a desire to connect with others in order to sustain their creative spirit.

Wanna be a resident or vistor?

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