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Electric Rodeo

Electric Rodeo is a new outlet for cultural commentary and conversations about independent media. It covers changes in media and the ways media changes us. It reflects not just the media, but the things and attitudes that independent media embraces.

There is a pulsing energy around independent media. More people are making things than ever before, and their audience is everyone with a smartphone. Independent media creators and consumers deserve an outlet that takes that energy seriously.

Electric Rodeo is an outlet that covers Independent media for the value of what people are making and how they make it. It's not a fanzine, and it's not a mouthpiece for the creator economy. Before Rolling Stone published its first issue in 1967, there was no such thing as rock journalism. They recognized that rock & roll had changed the game, so they made something new as an outlet for the cultural revolution happening around them. Today we're living through a new cultural revolution: the independent media revolution.


Electric Rodeo invites you to venture out with us towards the wild west of the digital era. First issue coming 2024.

Wanna be on the ground floor of independent media journalism?

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